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East Michigan Regions
With Visit East Michigan® you can plan the perfect day out or a vacation full of wonderful memories. Find the latest festivals, eateries, places to stay, activities and world-class golf courses. The East side of Michigan is an ideal vacation destination, with its international border and metropolitan ambiance neighboring the casual country life. Whether you prefer sports, the outdoors or culture, you will find it on the sunrise side of Michigan.  Visit East Michigan® is a company designed to promote Eastern Michigan as a destination by offering a connection via a user-friendly website with business descriptions and links to both business and event websites located on the East Side of Michigan. By placing all of what Eastern Michigan has to offer in one destination we grow East Michigan tourism and help you grow your East Michigan business while enhancing your business awareness and exposure. Join us in our efforts to build our community with the notion of doing together what one cannot do alone. Together, we create a premier destination.