Yates Cider Mill 3. Blue Water

yates cider

Yates is a Michigan landmark and a registered historic site, making delicious apple cider with water power from the Clinton River since 1876.

What is SO SPECIAL about Yates Cider?

We at Yates make our cider with pride.  It’s a big deal to us to use good fruit.  It takes premium fruit to make premium cider.  You won’t see cloudy or muddy cider here.  Good fruit make a difference and you will see and taste the difference at Yates.  Will it always taste the same?  Nope.  The taste and color of cider varies over the course of the fall season.  It starts out in late August or early September with summer apples like Ginger Golds and Paula Reds.  These apples are lighter in juice color and have a tart flavor.  As the season progresses, more varieties ripen.  That’s what makes the cider season interesting.  As each week passes, different cider flavors can be blended to round-out the taste.  By mid October, as many as six different varieties of apples are blended together.  Try it!  Many say its the best they’ve had.  We hope you think so too! Yates cider is made without preservatives.  We use a UV light process to treat our cider instead of pasteurization.  The UV process provides a safe product that doesn’t alter the taste and color like pasteurization can.  Please remember- refrigeration is still required.

Yates Cider Mill
1990 E. Avon Road Rochester Hills MI 48307
(248) 651-8300