Catch 22 Bistro 3. Blue Water

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Catch 22 Bistro

Authentic, unique, family oriented restaurant built to offer great moments when you need a special place for lunch, dinner or any event for friends and family. We love what we do, and we give our heart and soul to offer the best food along with friendly service, making Catch 22 Bistro a “home” for all of our clients.

The secret of our success is in the great quality we offer and the classic selection of lunch or dinner along with a big variety of appetizers prepared and cooked to perfection. There is a relationship between us and our clients, we build on it and we want to see you again back. It is our passion to offer the best to our customers. This is what we do.

Catch 22 Bistro
2430 Pointe Tremble Rd Algonac MI 48001
(810) 794-4844